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A crucial component of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum’s mission is providing education on the senselessness of violence – reinforcing that it is never a successful way to effect change. In an effort to share the lessons learned here, the following collection of in-depth lesson plans have been developed for your use. These include character development in Respect, Resilience and Responsibility – and are as relevant to students today as they were in 1995.

Check out our newest lesson! The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is where the children of Mayor David Holt, George and Maggie, began their journey of understanding the impact of the Oklahoma City Bombing. They were inspired to share what they learned with other students.


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Before you start these lesson plans, watch this overview of the Oklahoma City bombing and the tremendous efforts from first responders, investigators and volunteers that followed.

Students Teaching Students
Join Mayor David Holt and his children George and Maggie to began your journey of understanding the impact of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Cooperation: All Knotted Up
The response to the Oklahoma City bombing included dozens of agencies, groups and organizations. This lesson plan focuses on how they worked together.
Evidence: What Story Does It Tell?
This lesson plan helps students understand the importance of gathering, interpreting and securing evidence – and avoiding contamination.
Honor: Remembering the Victims
How can we best honor those killed? And what does it mean to memorialize someone? This lesson plan aims to answer these questions.
Investigation: The First Days of the Oklahoma City Bombing
Students learn about the role of the FBI, the definition of terrorism and how the Oklahoma City bombing was investigated.
Recovery: The Financial Impact of the Oklahoma City Bombing
A tragedy like the Oklahoma City bombing has a cost – in lives, heartbreak and fear. But this lesson plan focuses on the tremendous financial impact.
Remembrance: The Purpose and Process of Memorialization
This lesson plan explores what makes memorials successful and how they can help comfort the grieving.
Resilience: The Revitalization of Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma City bombing was intended to tear us apart. Instead, it brought us together. This lesson plan focuses on Oklahoma’s resilience.
Symbols: Everyday Objects Offer Comfort, Hope and Strength
In this lesson, students explore the meaning and power of symbols – and how they help comfort and reassure people.
The Survivor Tree: Witness to Tragedy, Symbol of Strength
A lesson plan focusing on the symbolism of the iconic American elm tree that’s come to be known as the Survivor Tree.
Sacred Ground: Symbolism & Physical Space
When visited by senseless violence, communities band together.
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