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Twenty-five years ago, we were faced with an act of domestic terrorism, which killed 168 innocent men, women and children. It was a time of utter confusion, fear and heartbreak. To get through this devastating time, people clung to one emotion – hope.

It was hope that gave family members, survivors, first responders and community members the strength to come together within months of the bombing to begin conversations on how to design a place where those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever would always be remembered.

The conversations were not always easy. Those involved in the Memorial process had to learn to listen to other perspectives, share their personal opinions and practice civility all while working through their own grief and vulnerability. The countless hours of conversations and unwavering dedication of the 350 person task force was the creation of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

The Memorial would like to extend their deepest gratitude to all those who came together in 1995 and give the gift of Better Conversations to the community. With the uncertainty of what is happening in our world today, it is more critical than ever to stay connected and work through challenging issues. Social distancing does not mean you can’t engage in better conversations. Use online tools to connect with others and give and receive support during these difficult times.

Let On Being’s Grounding Virtues serve as the foundation for your conversations.

Better Conversations Poster

Educators! Start your year with everyone getting to know one another better by using this specially designed Better Conversations Back to School Edition deck of cards in your classroom.

Back to School Conversation Cards

Use the provided questions on the cards as conversation starter.

Better Conversations Cards

Download the cards.

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