The Museum – Brought to Your Classroom

We understand it isn’t always possible to bring every student or school group to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. That’s why we’ve made it possible for a piece of the Museum – and a surprisingly immersive experience – to come to your school classroom.

Called2Change Augmented Reality

This cutting-edge program uses augmented reality on your campus to allow your students to experience the Museum. Using tablets, students interact with 3D buildings, videos, overlays and more, immersing them in the experience and bringing real-world environments about the story into their classroom. Through this hands-on experience, they will be Called2Change – their life, their school and their world – for the better. This gives students a deeper connection to the story before the next step – a journey through the Museum.

Be Called2Change

Discover more about the Called2Change augmented reality experience and Memorial Museum tour now.

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Lesson Plans

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum’s Lesson Plans are specifically crafted to translate the lessons learned in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing to students of all ages. Though today’s students weren’t yet born in 1995, these lessons are as relevant today as ever.

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