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Teaching the Story of April 19, 1995

A community and nation came together.

This educational video is a short summary to help teach the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Uncover-Discover STEM Lab

Hands-On Learning

Connecting the Past with the Future

Put science, technology, engineering and math concepts to work in a cutting-edge, interactive environment.

At Your School

Our Museum – Your Classroom

The Museum – Brought to Your Classroom

Bring the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum experience to your classroom.

First Person

Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope

Get the first-person perspective with tours and talks led by those who lived this story: family members, survivors, first responders and more.

Students Teaching Students

The Impact of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Stories of Hope and Resilience Inspire

This educational video is a short summary to help teach the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Student Scholarships

Discounted Admission

Free Admission for Students

We want everyone to experience the Memorial and Museum. That’s why we offer special discounted rates for certain student groups.

Essay Contest

Put It Into Words

23rd Annual Student Essay Contest

What can we learn from looking back on 25 years of healing, resilience and unity – and how can we use those lessons to think forward?

Lesson Plans

Designed for Your Classroom

Designed for the Classroom

Education is at the heart of our mission. These lesson plans share the insights learned in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Virtual Hope Trunks

Explore Artifacts in the Classroom

Artifacts In Your Classroom

This new online resource is an exciting way to teach students about the Oklahoma City bombing and the remarkable response.

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