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In early 2002, the Memorial curatorial team toured the Fresh Kills Landfill in New York City where debris from the World Trade Center was being placed. The visit was scheduled as work began on “A Shared Experience,” a temporary exhibit at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. The search was in cooperation with New York City and the New York City Historical Society. Several personal artifacts and large objects were found, cleaned and then used in the special exhibit.

The Memorial had NYPD and FDNY car doors on display in the exhibit for a year (shown below). Later, the NYPD door was donated to the 9/11 Memorial Museum for their collection where it is currently on display. Alice Greenwald, with the 9/11 Memorial Museum wrote, “We are pleased that the door symbolizes the extraordinary response of the NYPD’s highly trained Emergency Service/Special Operations (ESU) police officers on 9/11. Of the 23 officers killed in action at the World Trade Center, fourteen were from the ESU.”

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