City Edition Thunder Uniform

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the bombing and in a partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder, a new City Edition Uniform was unveiled to highlight those changed forever on April 19, 1995. The international appeal of the Thunder helped the Memorial and Museum reach an entire generation who did not yet know the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The uniform features many symbolic elements that are reflective of the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial.

Across the chest, “Oklahoma City” appears in gold-lined letters, with the twin Gates of Time spanning down the side of the jerseys that carry into the shorts. The times 9:01 and 9:03 appear within the vents of the shorts. They reflect the innocence of the city at 9:01 before the attack, followed by the time the city began to come together and heal at 9:03. The white on the side of the shorts represents the Reflecting Pool, a shallow depth of water that provides comfort and peace. “Service,” “Honor” and “Kindness” appear above the jersey’s tag – reflecting the tenets of the Oklahoma Standard, and the manner in which Oklahomans treat one another and their community.  The Survivor Tree, a 90-year-old American elm damaged by the bombing is also depicted in full color as the belt buckle of the shorts. Inside the jersey, a blue ribbon is layered with the words, “We Remember Those Who Were Changed Forever, April 19, 1995.” Along the back of the neck, Thunder blue, navy, yellow and sunset stripes tie the uniform to the team’s traditional colors and represent the many gifts of remembrance that visitors left on the Fence at the original site and continue to leave at the Memorial today.

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