Virtual Hope Trunk Available!

March 24, 2020

We know everyone is finding new ways to learn remotely, so we have accelerated the release of a brand new digital tool to help teach the story of the Oklahoma City bombing and the remarkable response to it.

Bring artifacts into your classroom, home school and home through Virtual Hope Trunks!

This new online resource is an exciting way to teach the Oklahoma City bombing and the remarkable community response to it. The first trunk, a 25th Anniversary Virtual Hope Trunk will help teach the Looking Back — Thinking Forward story of the Memorial.

Trunks on the Oklahoma Standard, Investigation and more will be released in the coming months. Each trunk includes objects and artifacts that you can take a 360 view of or zoom in to examine it closer. Videos provide more details on the story.

Educators using large presentation SmartBoards can use the Presentation mode to view the experience full screen.

The content in curated trunks are built around a theme or lesson. The Virtual Archives allows research on an assortment of objects, artifacts and videos without ever leaving your house or classroom. You can even take the items you find there to create your own Virtual Hope Trunk and share with others. Memorial staff will continue to add new relevant Trunks and content to the Virtual Archives.

Below is an example of an artifact to explore. This granite fragment that encased the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, was given to Cindy Phipps after the bombing. On April 19, 1995, she was across the street from the Federal Building at the Federal Courthouse serving on a grand jury.


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