Oklahoma Standard Reintroduced

As Oklahomans and Americans prepare for the 25th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19th, officials from the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum reintroduced the Oklahoma Standard. This standard was born out of the overwhelming community response to the bombing on April 19, 1995, and how the rest of the world stopped to watch how Oklahomans took care of one another.

It lives on today as the model by which Oklahomans live in response to the needs of their neighbors, fellow citizens, and communities. The foundation and significance of the Oklahoma Standard are its core tenets – Service, Honor, and Kindness.

The initiative includes stories of Service, Honor, and Kindness – a new exhibit at the end of the Museum experience, a new website, lesson plans, a Virtual Hope Trunk, recognition certificates, posters and pledge cards, as well as a new medal available to runners participating in the full or half marathon in both the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and the Williams Route 66 Tulsa Marathon.

Find out more at OklahomaStandard.com.

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