Following the Trail of Evidence Forensic Kit

In partnership with UCO’s W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute, we are proud to release a Forensic Kit in time for April to help students dive deeper into the investigation. The work of forensic investigators honored those who were killed, those who survived, and those changed forever by bringing those responsible to justice. The perpetrators were convicted at the end of over 1 million man-hours of work by thousands of investigators, using many of the techniques in this kit, to piece together the truth that the criminals tried to conceal.

Thirty teachers that attended a workshop to kick off the 2022-2023 school year will receive this kit for their classrooms for free. The next workshop will take place August 3 for any teacher that wants to bring these engaging lessons into their classroom to help tell the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

We are grateful for the partnership we’ve shared with the UCO Forensic Science Institute for years. Their skilled and dedicated educators are teaching a new generation of forensic scientists that will use the multidisciplinary skills needed to become Forensic Scientists!

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Special thanks to Devon Energy for making our STEM programming possible.

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