She was friends with everybody.

Personality – Tresia Worton had it and shared it. “She was a real fun girl. She had a wonderful personality. She just bubbled,” said Florence Rogers, chief executive officer of the Federal Employees Credit Union, where Worton, 28, was a teller at the time of the bombing. Rogers, a survivor of the blast, remembers that peppy personality being primary in Worton’s hiring last October. “She was so persistent. She kept calling and calling us for a job, and finally we took a chance on her. And she was perfect. She was very proud of her job.” Worton, who was single and lived in Oklahoma City with her adopted Lhasa Apso, was buried in Midland, Texas, where her parents resided.

Field of Empty Chairs

Tresia Jo “Mathes” Worton
Tresia Jo “Mathes” Worton
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
3rd Floor
Federal Employees Credit Union

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