She was enthusiastic, an outgoing bundle of energy, a planner and organizer.

Sonja Lynn Sanders, 27, had an outgoing personality, said her mother, Sheila Stroud. She loved her job at the Federal Employees Credit Union, where she worked for six years and had recently received a promotion. She and her husband, Mike, lived in Moore with their daughters, Brooklynn Nicole, 3, and Savanna Marie, 22 months. Sanders was a 1985 graduate of Moore High. She was an active member of Southgate Baptist Church in Moore. She was attending college and working toward a degree in banking and business. Sonja’s sister, Kristi, is married to the brother of Sonja’s husband.

Field of Empty Chairs

Sonja Lynn Sanders
Sonja Lynn Sanders
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
3rd Floor
Federal Employees Credit Union

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