He was good natured, caring and considerate.

He had just moved to Oklahoma City in February, bought his first home and planned to settle into the career he had chosen and loved. James Martin, 34, had spent the last three years moving around the country as a civil engineer for the Federal Highway Administration. It was a career he decided on after spending the first four years out of high school in the Marines. Quiet and introverted, Martin found friendship in the people he worked with. He also was kind, considerate and warm-hearted. And while devoted and loyal to his whole family, he was always especially close to his twin sister. Both had grown up in Walnut, CA, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, in 1990.

Field of Empty Chairs

James K. Martin
James K. Martin
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
4th Floor
Department of Transportation/Federal Highway

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