Remembering, Honoring and Thanking

168 Days is a season of remembrance leading up to the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing this coming April 19, 2020. Countless people were impacted by this tragic event nearly twenty-five years ago, and during these 168 days, we want to bring special attention to them.

During this important time, we will remember those who were killed – one featured each day, with more information about them, their lives and their loved ones available on their own, dedicated page right here.

We will also honor those who were survived. There are 644 official survivors, and each day we honor the experience and resilience of several of them.

Finally, we believe it’s important to thank all of those who did their all to help – those changed forever. From police and fire departments to hospitals, churches, non-profits and more, there are hundreds who have our eternal gratitude, so we also take time each day during the 168 Days to thank them.


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