25th Anniversary First Responder Badge

As we Look Back and Think Forward in this 25th Anniversary year, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is remembering the bravery and dedication of the First Responders and all who were changed forever. We honored the Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma City Fire Department, and EMSA OKLAHOMA with a 25th Anniversary Badge pinning ceremony. Chairman Bob Ross and Kari Watkins pinned the special badges on Fire Chief Richard Kelley, Police Chief Wade Gourley, and EMSA President Jim Winham.

With agency approval, the badges may be worn during the month of April as we remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever.

Grateful to MTM Recognition which is donating a portion of the sales to the Memorial. These special badges, created by MTM Recognition are available for purchase by first responders with a valid commission card.

  • MTM Showroom
    3405 SE 29th St, Del City, OK 73115
    Phone (405) 609-6908
    Toll free (800) 324-5996

MTM Recognition is donating back a portion of the sales to the Memorial and Museum.

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