He was handsome, honest and hardworking and made the best of any situation handed to him.

William Stephen Williams’ best friend, Warren Vieth, a news editor for the Los Angeles Times’ Washington Bureau, wrote that he remembered the two forming a garage band during their teenage years. The two became friends in second grade while growing up in Kingfisher. Vieth said he last heard from Williams on April 7 through an email, asking for help with a song he was writing. Williams was struggling with the verses but he liked a chorus he had written: “Grab the world and shake it now, or maybe you never will.” Vieth said, “Looks like the world reached up and grabbed Steve before he could finish his song.” Williams, 42, of Cashion, was an operations supervisor for the Social Security Administration. His wife’s name was Barbara and he had three daughters.

Field of Empty Chairs

W. Stephen Williams
W. Stephen Williams
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
1st Floor
Social Security Administration

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