He was a kind, loving, decent person.

The values of “leadership, commitment, honor and integrity” learned as an Eagle Scout guided Peter L. DeMaster throughout his life, according to those who knew him best. DeMaster, 44, was a special agent in the Oklahoma City Investigative Field Office of the Department of Defense Investigative Service. He and his wife, Kay Barry-DeMaster, were to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary April 24. A devoted father to his daughter, Kristen, 21, and stepson, Brian Barry, DeMaster helped his children in their Girl Scout and Cub Scout endeavors. DeMaster earned the admiration of those whose lives he touched. He was described by one friend as “the kind of man you want your sons to grow up to be like.” His wife said he considered scouting and achieving the Eagle Scout honor a highlight of his life. DeMaster came to Oklahoma as an AWACS instructor at Tinker Air Force Base. He had worked for the Department of Defense for the past 11 years.

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Peter L. DeMaster
Peter L. DeMaster
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
3rd Floor
Defense Security Service

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