He had a perpetual grin.

He was a happy man, always wearing a smile. Michael Joe Carrillo, 44, grew up in Kansas City, MO, but had lived in many places since, serving in both the military and the federal government. He was devoted to his work, his family and his country. After spending four years in the Navy, Carrillo enlisted and served four more years in the Army. That was before settling into a career he enjoyed with the Federal Highway Administration. Carrillo and his three teenage children had lived in Oklahoma City for the last two years, building a life together after losing a loving wife and mother two years previous after an unsuccessful kidney transplant. His family always teased him about being the “Fifth Beatle” because of his love for the British rock group.

Field of Empty Chairs

Michael Carrillo
Michael Carrillo
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
4th Floor
Department of Transportation/Federal Highway

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