She seldom slowed down and worked hard to keep everyone happy.

Mary Rentie was the type of person who put others before herself. Her only brother, Greg Leasure, said Rentie was one year and two days older than him. “When she started walking, she took care of me,” he said. Rentie had a good sense of humor, enjoyed quilting and was a wardrobe seamstress for some theater productions. “She got real involved in quilting in the last few years and just loved it,” Leasure said. Rentie worked for the Department of Housing and Urban Development on the seventh floor of the federal building. She had worked for HUD for about six years. The 39-year-old Bethany resident and her husband, Ben, had two daughters, Melissa and Melody.

Field of Empty Chairs

Mary Leasure-Rentie
Mary Leasure-Rentie
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
7th Floor
Department of Housing and Urban Development

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