She loved to sit out on her deck and watch the birds at her birdfeeders.

Whether cruising the countryside as a member of the Happy Bottoms Motorcycle Club or planting trees or watching birds – especially blue jays – Margaret Betterton Goodson thrived outdoors. Goodson, 54, lived in Oklahoma City and was a claims representative with the Social Security Administration, working with the disabled because she “wanted to help people.” She had spent nearly 20 years with the federal government. Goodson’s passions included her motorcycle club’s travels, with her favorite trip a ride to Mena, AR. “She always talked about how beautiful it was there,” said Debbie Gomez, her daughter and one of four children, along with sons Keith, Kevin and Howard Betterton. She was married to Ron Goodson.

Field of Empty Chairs

Margaret Betterton Goodson
Margaret Betterton Goodson
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
1st Floor
Social Security Administration

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