She was willing to do without to make sure she provided for her children.

Katherine Louise “Kathy” Cregan, 60, was a widow devoted to her three sons, William, Regis and Christopher, her two grandsons, Sean and Jonathan, and her three granddaughters, Rachel, Kari and Michelle. She was fond of telling friends how much she loved to spoil them. Her two dogs, Yorkshire terriers Max and Jason, also received a great deal of her attention. Cregan, 60, was born Nov. 15, 1934, in West Memphis, AR. She was a longtime resident of Oklahoma City and a graduate of Classen High School. She worked as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration for 13 years.

Field of Empty Chairs

Katherine Louise Cregan
Katherine Louise Cregan
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
1st Floor
Social Security Administration

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