She never gave less than 145 percent.

Offering assistance to others was one of Claudette Meek’s primary goals. Vice president of financial services at the Federal Employees Credit Union, the 43-year-old Meek often helped credit union members secure loans and assisted with forms. A Federal Employee Credit Union employee for more than 13 years, Meek also had worked as a loan officer and a head teller. Florence Rogers, credit union chief executive officer and president, said Meek had an infectious laugh, was loved by her employees and conducted pep rallies instead of meetings. Meek attended Southgate Baptist Church. She and her husband, Mike, had a daughter, Michelle, and a son, Robert.

Field of Empty Chairs

Claudette (Duke) Meek
Claudette (Duke) Meek
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
3rd Floor
Federal Employees Credit Union

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