She was happy, outgoing, and she had dreams for her life.

Lakesha R. Levy was intelligent and a budding comedian. Karen Johnson of New Orleans said her niece was focusing on her medical-related job aspirations, but she had a wonderful sense of humor and could easily have excelled as a comic. In one of their last telephone conversations, Johnson said Levy mentioned she had dreamed she was a stand-up comedian. Johnson said her niece’s dream came as no surprise since she always kept the family laughing. Levy always had a joke to tell and brought smiles to everyone’s faces, Johnson said. Levy, 21, of Midwest City, was an Airman 1st Class training to be a lab technician at Tinker Air Force Base. She had gone to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building to obtain a Social Security card, relatives said.

Field of Empty Chairs

LaKesha Richardson Levy
LaKesha Richardson Levy
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
1st Floor
Social Security Administration

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